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29 August, 2011

Somebody Hire Me

Spoke to my brother last night. He encourages me to keep writing. He checks in with me now and then to make sure I'm still submitting my screenplays. I told him the result, or lack of, from my last round of submissions. It must have been my tone of voice because he asked me if I was getting discouraged. I was until I realized through reading articles by people in the industry that agents are hesitant to sign new clients that live out of state. They'd rather have someone already living in LA. Someone who is available for meetings with studios that day, not in three days when they can fly in etc. Makes sense from a business perspective. And my goal is to move to LA. But in the meantime there is plenty I can do to make myself a better screenwriter.

Keep going with my mfa program.
Take an advanced screenwriting class-probably through Gotham Writers.
Have my screenplays read by Hollywood readers. I have 2 in mind to work with.
Attend a screenwriting conference. Either Creative Screenwriting Expo, or Austin Film Festival.
Save so I can move without worrying about working for a few months.
Keep praying
Keep writing.

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