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08 September, 2011

Morning Musings

I've been reflecting on Hebrews 11.1 the faith verse that starts the faith chapter. This morning was difficult. Why? I woke up on fire to write but I couldn't-no time. And no I'm not getting up at 4 am. It's not that I don't want to sacrifice. I'm a night owl and mornings are a bear for me as it is. Nothing good would come out of me at 4 am. Now 12-2 am is a different story.
This morning I wanted time to grab a cup of coffee, turn on my laptop-wait five minutes for it to wake up completely, and crank out a couple of pages.
So here I sit at DD, working on my blog after chewing on what needs to happen next in a script I'm writing, while all the while wondering if the novel I'm working on (number 3) is really the story I want to tell now.
Where does faith come in? I have an extended day today so if I can get in an hour of writing today before collapsing into bed exhausted I would be so happy.
I have faith that the sacrifices in time and zero social life that I'm making now will pay off when I am published and when I have my screenplays optioned (sold). I have faith to endure when I am exhausted, when I am discouraged.
Now I will throw a brief pity party when I get a rejection letter. But I have faith in the One who created me with this gift and talent. That the day will come when my commute to work will consist of going from my bedroom to my home office. Faith keeps that dream alive.

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