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24 May, 2011

Can you smell it?

Summer is almost here. Summer vacation. Hooray. Time to read for pleasure. Time to go in-depth with my writing.
This summer will be different as I will have more flexibility to travel.
I still haven't raised all the funds that I need to go to Scotland (only 20%), but I still have hope that I can make that trip a reality this summer.
If anyone has any frequent flyer miles that they aren't in need of I will gladly accept them.
I discovered a new library thanks to a former co-worker. The library is a fiction lovers dream. I loaded myself down with a nice stack of middle grades fiction.
I started reading a book about mermaids, which is translated from it's original German. The title escapes me at the moment. And I don't have it with me at my morning coffee spot.
But another book I grabbed I have always wanted to read-"James and the Giant Peach". That's up next.
I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading middle grades fiction.

My writing right now? Frankenstein laptop is at it again. This time he turned himself off for no reason whatsoever. I went to put paper in the printer and when I turned around he was shutting down. Yeah-no work done yesterday. Perhaps he will be in a better mood tonight?
I am editing my second novel and writing (by hand), my third. The third novel is fantasy and it will surpass the length of the first novel I wrote. I don't have an exact word count, but I have my rough outline. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into it over the summer.

And even though I can smell summer coming, the clock on my iPhone says it's time to upload today's blog and get to work.

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