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26 April, 2011


I found a house for sale. Only $8,000.00. To say it's a fixer upper would be a gross understatement. It would be a fun project, but it would take way too much of my time.

Now the house I am truly interested in was built in 1920, has 5 bedrooms and two baths. It is two stories and sells for $35,000. An investor bought it, was seeing dollar signs after restoring it- in the $350,000 range, and then the housing market collapsed.

It is a beautiful house, original hardwood floors, fireplace(probably decorative only at this point), original windows. It would give me just the right amount of challenge to restore it. Am I going to buy it? Well, I have to check it out first. Termite damage-yes or no, New roof-yes or no, Rotting floors-yes or no. Original electrical wiring-yes or no.
Because that $35,000 price tag could easily jump to $150,000, or be unrepairable.

I love the idea of restoring an older home. Taking something that still has value and bringing it back to its glory.

Like God does with us. He sees us as we are-downtrodden, broken, defeated and restores us through His son Jesus.
He takes us as He formed us, strips away what the world has piled on us, and makes us shiny and whole again.

Being a lover of all things antique (historical) I am intrigued by this house. I have always loved "old" things and time periods.

In regards to my writing, upon the completion of my third novel, I will be dipping my fountain pen into the well of historical fiction-specifically young adult historical fiction. By that time I hope to have raised the funds I need for a trip to Scotland. That trip will allow me to work on several novel ideas, historical and present based.

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