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15 April, 2011


Have you had the hiccups? A severe case that went on for minutes?
It causes you to stop what you're doing and focus on getting rid of them.
I've been focusing on my hiccups for the past couple of weeks and haven't written or blogged ( 1 entry).
Much prayer, solitude (at the park), bible reading, and a great book by Kevin Leman "Have a new you by Friday", helped me address my hiccups.
You see, I had some life hiccups that I'd been ignoring. And the thing about hiccups is they must be addressed.
What were my hiccups? Well, you'll have to read my 4th novel (I'm still at the research stage because it's a fantasy/historical novel), to find out. I'm taking some of those hiccups and creating a fictitious character.
It feels good to be hiccup free. That is not to say that an occasional hiccup won't come my way, but I am being proactive and not reactive.
It also means my life is dramatically changing. Which is good. As Gandalf told King Theoden in LORD OF THE RINGS THE TWO TOWERS: "Breathe the free air."
Oh I'm drinking deep of this air and loving it.

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