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21 February, 2011

Compass points

Where am I? Currently I'm sitting in a hard, unyielding plastic chair while my daughter gets her hair cut. My writing so far this month has felt like it's been all over the map. Novel editing here. Screenplay edit there and new script contest over there.
One thing that was dead center was completing my second novel.
Yes, it (the first draft), is finished. As of 12:25 this afternoon. I finished it on my lunch break today.
Feels good to have two completed novels.

Yesterday I submitted my entry into the creative screenwriting cyberspace open. One weekend to write a scene based on their premise. I didn't follow traditional, predictablel genres when I wrote it. I went way outside the box on this one. Hope it pays off-literally. And looking at the battery on my iPhone, I'm outta time.
I will bask in the glow of having completed my second novel once feeling has returned to my bum.

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