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10 January, 2011

Halfway mark-again

My new screenplay, started on January 2nd is half way done. I am deep into act two and have drawn likeable and hateable characters.
All this writing was done with pieced together time: writing on my laptop on the mornings I have free, writing long hand (yes you can write a script long hand) during times where I could not have my laptop out (thankful I can type 85 words a minute as I transfer it from handwriting to my laptop); figuring out plot points and changes to scenes while grocery shopping or even while brushing my teeth.
I'm not use to being able to write something so quickly, but then again I've never been this passionate, or this sure about my writing. I am on fire.

At church last night our senior pastor spoke out of Hebrews 11: the faith chapter. Heroes and heroines of the bible that stepped forth in faith, trusting, receiving their promise.
I love that chapter. It is a reminder of how God uses regular, every day people like you and me. The only difference is they acted on their faith.
I am acting on my faith, hence the writing during even scraps of time.
I remember telling someone last year -"that which is important we make time for."
Make time for your passion, and watch it catch fire.

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