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10 July, 2024

What's in a title?

 What's in a title. While it is true that in the world of publishing, authors usually aren't allowed to pick their title, many don't know why that is.  In the world of publishing (and film) there is a business side. On this business side are people whose job it is to sell your work. We call them marketers. The title of your book has to hook the reader enough to make them pull your book off the shelf and immediately go to the back cover description (though some people dive in to read the first chapter). If your title doesn't catch their eye, no matter how amazing your cover art is, people will pass it over. 

Can the same be said for us. What we choose to call ourselves matters. Often the title we give ourselves doesn't match the one the Creator of all things (God), gave us. His title is one that will draw others to us. Make us remember not only who we are, but the path set before us. 

Think about what title you call yourself by and see if you are in line with your true title. 

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