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27 October, 2012


I think everyone has heard the term "practice makes perfect". Yet how many writers actually take that saying to heart? Being a writer is a lot like being an Olympic athlete. You have to practice daily. When you don't win a match, you go back and review the footage. I.e. you look back over your work. You see where it didn't work and you keep at it. Writing is such a personal thing, but so is being an Olympic athlete. You have to practice, you have to read up on your craft, you have to study the competition, and you cannot give up. Well you can give up, but I'm assuming you don't want to. Let me encourage you to keep at it. I love writing. I live and breathe it. In about a month, I will have a chance to meet with some executives and talk about my work-my screenwriting. I want my writing to be the best it can be so my time after my day job is filled with learning more about screenwriting, reading screenplays, and writing. A big portion of that time was taken up by writing my thesis for graduate school. The good thing that came out of the thesis, is I'm better at research, and I've gotten used to writing for six hours straight, each weekend day. As I put aside my thesis (leaving only minor editing), I'm excited to get back into my writing. I sat down Monday and wrote out a page full of log lines. Out of seven, four were viable, and I will begin working on one next week. Exciting times ahead.

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