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25 May, 2012

Away for awhile

Away for awhile.  Somehow managed to injury my eye. The situation got worse and I was restricted from any reading or writing. my eye is up to 90% improved and I am thankful for that.   I left off holding that stone marked faith, while facing the biggest Goliath in my life. That also coincided with when my eye got injured. Unable to do anything that I loved. Spending most of my days with two pairs of sunglasses and an eye patch on-evenings in complete darkness, it gave me a lot of time to reflect.  Was I still on the right track? Would I be afraid to follow my hearts desire/God's prompting? Could I ignore the jeers and discouragement thrown at me by those who should know better?  What happened? I forgot who wad standing beside me-Jesus. Got caught up in the cares of the world.  Jesus puts his hand on my shoulder. Tells me to steady my aim and let it fly. I do. Direct hit to the center of Goliath's forehead. He goes down. I'm free.

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