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01 April, 2012


I'd never really given much consideration to what IVF (in-vitro fertilization), entailed. I assumed, like many people, that a woman gets some shots and has lots of sex with her husband in an attempt to get pregnant. After reading "In The Name of a Mother", by Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, I have a new found understanding, and respect for these women.

Kelly's essay is part of a collection entitled "Madonna and Me". Inside this book, women share how Madonna the singer, helped shape their lives, or give them courage through difficult situations.

Kelly's essay focuses on her trials with IVF. She questions the very desire of motherhood and the stark possibility of never becoming one. Kelly's command of raw detail pulls you in as you explore how Madonna, who bears the same name as the mother of Christ, used her name to empower her, even as the author herself realizes she must.

The openness and honesty in Kelly's work as she struggles with infertility will leave you rooting for her long after reading.

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