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23 January, 2012

A lot happens in January

January. The first month of the year. Where people set out to keep their new year's resolutions and look forward to the year with hope.
January can also be a month of change.

I know what kind of January I'm having. One where I've got ideas for novels pouring out of me almost faster than I can write them down. One where I spent ten days on campus for my mfa program-an intense 10 days.
One where I was under intense chaos and relied (still am), on the steady rock of Jesus to see me through.
My January has been up and down, but I have come through it stronger.

You may be frustrated in your writing, or with your life, or your job right now, but let me lend you some encouragement.
God is there and He still cares.

Take all those roller coaster emotions, those hurt and confused feelings and let them fuel that need to write.
Those of us who write do so knowing we can't do anything but write. Meaning writing is as much a necessity as breathing. Keep a separate journal. Call it your junk journal. Spend 10 minutes just dumping all the garbage of the day into it.
You will find that writing in that journal warms up your brain for your regular writing.

I'll find myself putting bible verses in as the Holy Spirit brings to mind promises of God. An antidote to the poison of the world.
The key is to remember who you are. You're a writer. Don't let the actions of others keep you from your true love, calling, passion. Use the tools you are equipped with and persevere.

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