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21 November, 2011

Unexpected and Unwanted

Do you ever feel like you're at the end of your rope? Like you couldn't take another thing happening? In my mailbox were 2 unexpected bills. Bills I don't have the funds for. Bills I didn't incur on purpose. Call it a computer glitch but since I can't prove it, I am on the hook for one bill to the tune of $2,180.00.
What can I do? I already work full-time. Plus tutoring on the side. Plus being a single mom.
Well I have the option of two immediate responses: I can cry, or I can pray.
See there's this thing called faith. And I can't claim to be a master of it--I am quite bull-headed at times. But as a Christian that should be my first response. Will God be mad at me if it isn't? Nope He'll still love me, but I will have stressed for no reason.

Faith tells me to pray and believe. And do as Philippians 4:6-7 says"make my request made know to God..."
So I'm not going to cry, or rant, or scream. I tried to speak to the people the money is owed to but since I have no paper trail, I have no proof I cancelled something they say I didn't.
What I do know is this: I will pray and see what happens. Will you pray with me?

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