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20 March, 2011


Driving in South Florida. Stopped at a rest station. Not tired, just hot. The ac blower went out on my car and I'm not able to get it fixed yet so I'm hanging out in the shade at a picnic table for a few minutes before I resume my journey. Blue sky with billowy white clouds. Four birds of various types are flying around chasing each other. Not sure if it's play or territorial disputes. 
My writing lately has had all the viscosity of cold lava.  That's an oxymoron but you get the point. So much uncertainty at work. Will any of us have a job?

 Editing my screenplay before I submit it. Is it really ready? Did I over edit it? Will it stand out or is it too way out of conventional Je ne sais quoi?
It has the honor of being the most grueling, emotional piece of writing I've done so far.  But there is also hope in it.  
My hope is that it is well received. 

And now I must resume my journey in the hot car. 

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